Saddleback Park Entry Sign

Over the years, Saddleback Park has had many versions of it’s entry sign but the core design elements of the blue-green rolling hills and knobby sun symbols next to the bold Saddleback Park title have always been there. These large entry signs were made of solid wood, hand carved and hand painted to last many years out in the arid climate.

Just think of all those great racers whom have passes through these gates to the greatest motorsport playground in America. And the countless amount of amateur riders & racers that would pass through 7 days a week . . . All greeted by this familiar sight.

As a tribute to the last version of the Saddleback Park entry sign, Wheelspin has created a fresh graphic of the iconic entry sign for everyone to relive the glory days of riding & racing at Saddleback Park with each sip of your morning coffee with this unique moto mug. The same iconic Saddleback Park entry sign that greeted you each time you past through the gate to the greatest motorsport playground in America. Ride on!


More Saddleback Park and other unique MX themed apparel & gifts are available at

1 plate bckgrd WHEELSPIN RACEWEAR (box w hvy outline) x-small



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