Saddleback Park – America’s greatest motorcycle playground and racing facility.

The world of motocross, and off-road racing revolved around this parcel of land in Irvine, California for decades.

This site is both a tribute and historical record of the famous Saddleback Park.

saddlaback park bumpersticker

Established in 1967, Saddleback Park quickly became the leading motor playground in America. Not only for Motocross, but for Hillclimbing, Short Track, Trials and Off-road trucks & buggies.

Hosting the Trans-AMA series in the early 70’s, the Worlds best motocross racers came to love Saddleback Park’s rolling hills and miles of riding trails. Roger De Coster and Joel Robert were consulted to help design the main MX track. The first MX track was near the west side of the property (near Irvine Park) but was later relocated to the east side closer the Santiago Canyon Road, sharing the entry road with the landfill on the opposite side of the hillside.


Trans-AMA Series  – (C) Tim Marks Photography.com photo

Saddleback Park soon became the testing grounds for every Japanese motorcycle manufacturer since their headquarters were located just minutes away. Taking full advantage of the mild weather most of the year in So Cal, plus the park being open 7 days a week, made for the perfect home track for all the factory teams.

NATL-SD-TMP_1979 MX Natl Sadd - Steve Wise 9 hon

1980 250 AMA National – Steve Wise Team Honda – (C) Tim Marks Photography.com photo

NATL-SD84-TMP_1984_MX Natl_Sadd_060

1984 125 AMA National – (C) Tim Marks Photography.com photo


CMC Trans-Cal Series – (C) Wheelspin museum.com photo

Saddly, 1984 was the last year of operation for Saddleback Park. High liability insurance cost and local county pressures were more than the owners could continue to bare.

Saddlaback Park - Entrance Sign

Saddleback Park – Entrance Sign

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