Legend of Suicide Mountain

A big debate over who was the first racer to jump Saddleback’s infamous Suicide Mountain was been circulating since the event in 1983. I was there in the middle of the uphill jump with my trusty Canon AE-1 w 50mm lens and captured, who I believe is the first racer to make the blind leap. Tom Carson #57 on a factory support Honda CR 250 hit the uphill double pinned in probably 3 or 4th gear to make the seemingly impossible double.

This photo was on his second leap, because after seeing him do the first I knew I had to get the shot of him making the uphill double.

Tom Carson Saddleback timmarksphotography

Tom Carson #57 Honda – First to jump up suicide mountain (C) TIM MARKS PHOTOGRAPHY.COM


On the next lap I was more prepared to get Tom all the way across to jump. Too bad the weather was overcast in the morning.

Shortly after seeing Tom hit the uphill double, all the factory guys knew they had to make the leap.

Judging the amount of speed to make the uphill distance was difficult because the landing on top of the second jump was completely blind to the riders. As the motos wore out the peak of the take off, the more dangerous the leap became. Some guys were casing the top edge of jump hard.



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